Why Tractors Packages Are Worth It

Why Tractors Packages Are Worth It

A new tractor is a big investment for most people. While most tractors you will see from the average dealer are pretty run of the mill, with some pretty standard features that can be expected from a manufacturer. There are heirloom models out there that give your wallet and hard drive storage both nightmares, but these “heirlooms” may not be worth it.

So, what is a person to do? Buy a tractor package deal! These deals are the backbone of lower end models. When you buy a tractor from a dealership that loads a lot of different features together for one price, you can usually expect those tractors to come with standard tires and wheels, as well as a few other little add ons. You also get a two year warranty standard with these deals, so there is an added bonus of not having to really do anything on top of the purchase price.

Upon opening up your LS Tractor Package Deal, you can expect:

– A tractor that is ready for work immediately

– The ability to work the fields (and yourself) with ease

– A modest tractor that can handle most jobs around your farm, without tearing too far into your wallet

– Two years of warranty coverage. This means you can go two years worry free about any potential mishaps or errors on behalf of the manufacturer. So what’s so special about these? Well, let’s start with standard features

In terms of the usual standard features, these tractors have a few things to offer. For example:

– Seatbelts for all seats as a safety measure

– A metal control panel as an added bonus over carpeted panels (not that any of us like working on carpets…)

These tractors also come with air conditioning built in, so if you live somewhere more humid than most people, this might be of use to you.

These tractors are slightly larger than your average compact tractor, so they may not be the right fit for everyone. For example:

– The drive system on these is generally geared towards ease of access and less speed. This is a good thing for most, but if you want a tractor that can really move out, then these might not be the right fit for you

– The storage space on some of these models is rather small. There are options to upgrade the attached storage though, so this shouldn’t be too bad as long as your storage needs aren’t extremely stringent

– Some of the older LS package deals don’t have attachments that you can use. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue though, as there are plenty of other attachments you could attach to your tractor if all else fails. The only two really worth mentioning are front loaders and backhoes (but even these aren’t a problem if you have a truck).

– Some of these don’t come with front loaders, so if this is something that is important to you, make sure to check for this feature specifically.

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