The Man in Charge of Porsche Car Design

The Man in Charge of Porsche Car Design

If you’ve been interested in the history of Porsche car design, you’ve come to the right place. Michael Mauer is the man in charge of the design department at Porsche, founded in 1972 in Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche has been a leader in the automotive design industry since its founding by Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See, Austria. The Porsche design department has become the most prestigious in the world, with over a billion dollars spent on research and development annually.

Michael Mauer is the man in charge of design at Porsche

The man in charge of Porsche car design, Michael Mauer, has been with the company for nearly a decade. Before joining Porsche in 2004, he worked for Mercedes Benz and SAAB. A lifelong Porsche fan, Mauer considers the 911 model to be a unique position within the company. We spoke with him about his inspiration and the evolution of the company’s design culture. Read on to find out more about this talented designer.

Studio F. A. Porsche was founded in Zell am See, Austria

Established in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the design agency became a world-renowned design brand in just two years. Today, Studio F.A. Porsche is headquartered in Zell am See, Austria, where the company designs luxury timepieces, sunglasses, luggage, leather goods, and a variety of industrial products. Their minimalistic, unmistakable designs are a testament to their high standards and impeccable craftsmanship.

Porsche Design was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1972

Since its founding in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1972, Porsche Design has been synonymous with timelessness, functionality and purity. Their extensive product range includes sports cars, luggage, men’s accessories, sunglasses, and home and consumer goods. They also developed and manufactured streetcars for the city of Vienna. While most Porsche Design products are available at the company’s stores, some models are also available at leading department stores and luxury retail outlets worldwide.

Innovative design

Innovative Porsche car design is one of the hallmarks of the brand. It has always embodied non-conformity and progressive thinking, and continues to push the boundaries of automobile design. And it looks forward to a bright future. The Chief Designer at Porsche, Michael Mauer, is constantly exploring the future. He and his design team leave the present behind and travel to 2030, 2040 and 2050 to create new concepts. The Porsche Development Centre is a giant ideas workshop and innovative think tank.

Non-conforming ideas are core elements of the company’s philosophy

The car maker’s non-conforming ideas are the hallmark of its design philosophy. Chief designer Michael Mauer believes that every good idea isn’t necessarily meant for series production. He instead looks to establish a relationship with the future. Some ideas remain only on paper, while others are made into prototypes, studies and three-dimensional scale models. Others stand for a way of thinking that has never been done before.

Products designed by Porsche Design

From high-end pens to high-tech watches, Porsche car design products have a distinctive look and feel. They incorporate the quintessential aesthetic of luxury vehicles into products that are essential for everyday life. Many products come with a Porsche logo, and the name of the company’s design studio is found on them. Some of the company’s most popular products are listed below. In addition to these iconic automobiles, Porsche also makes luggage, eyewear, and electronics.