Dynamic Luxury Automotive Design Experience

Dynamic Luxury Automotive Design Experience

Constant innovation and automotive engineering excellence have resulted in breakthrough car design and the rise of a dynamic luxury motoring experience that is years ahead of its time.

The new range of available luxury vehicle features enhances every aspect of the driving experience to create vehicles which are the very definition of future-proof design.

Dynamic customization

The dynamic driving system allows you to adjust individual vehicle components at the push of a button, thus altering the character of your luxury vehicle for dynamic luxury motoring.

Five drive modes are available which include efficiency, comfort, dynamic, auto, and individual. The individual mode enables drivers to decide which of the vehicle components covered by the system should respond in what way.

The engine and gearbox response to accelerator movements may be more spontaneous or more balanced depending on the model, while the adaptive air suspension allows the ride height and damping forces of the damper control system to be varied.

Adaptive awareness

An adaptive cruise control with stop & go function including pre-sense technologies is at the very heart of a dynamic driver assistance system. This features automatic distance control which maintains a safe distance from any preceding vehicle it detects with the aid of two radar sensors and a camera.

It maintains this safe distance by automatically applying the brakes and accelerating. In slow-moving traffic and congestion, it governs braking, acceleration, and driving at walking pace. These systems are even able to detect an obstruction and alert the driver with an acoustic signal and a visual display in the driver information system.

Cornering performance

The all-wheel-drive technologies with sport differential provide high agility and thrilling road behavior on corners by distributing the tractive force continuously and variably between the rear wheels.

The clutches are activated by an electro-hydraulic actuator and depending on factors such as steering angle, lateral acceleration, yaw angle and road speed, the control unit calculates the most suitable distribution of torque to the wheels. This means sharp dynamic cornering performance for every driving situation.

Situational safety

An optional night vision assistant which can highlight pedestrians scans the area in front of the vehicle with the aid of a thermal imaging camera. The system can even determine if there is a risk of a collision between the vehicle and the detected pedestrian turning the color of the highlighting to red with audible warning sounds.

The speed limit display, with the aid of a camera-based system, indicates the current speed limit for the road the driver is traveling on as well as alerting the driver to temporary speed limits. Furthermore, a situational evaluation is carried out within the system’s limits when driving in the wet, when there are speed limits for certain times of the day, in road works or when towing a trailer.

These breakthroughs in innovative car design have radically changed the nature of the drive with a full range of luxury vehicle features to bring dynamic luxury motoring to the road.