Workhorse Of The Car or truck Fuel System

Car Fuel Tracking SystemAny variety of business that utilizes transport as a suggests of small business needs a correct, reliable and efficient Fuel Management Technique to maintain, monitor and manage the fuel consumption and stock levels. Application of the techniques of fuel monitoring permits SekurTrack to substantially raise the functionality, supplying the user with facts not only about the place and speed of the vehicle, but to answer a wide variety of concerns relating to fuel monitoring: Fuel tank fueling handle. In addition to fuel control, our technique can provide you with further data received from analogue sensors, such as temperature monitoring for refrigerator trucks, load on axle for trucks, stress monitoring for truck tank cars.

In this way, you can easily examine fuel bills with the quantity of fuel the tank was filled with. In addition, GPS automobiles tracking program gets worthwhile data about the place and time of events of loading and unloading machines, and it is necessary for efficient fleet management. Our fuel control program was created to allow our clients to minimize their costs by saving fuel.

We at ORMAT believe that fleet managers should be in a position to focus on strategic aspects of fleet management leaving mundane but significant tasks of monitoring the cars to the FleetOR. In this case the automobile tracking system may possibly decide the engine by connecting to the sensor of engine speed On the other hand, it is simpler to use a fuel flow meter DFÌ.

Program is created in collaboration with the major Belarussian truck producers and is incorporated in serial design documentation of trucks MAZ and loaders Amkodor. Is a full option that makes it possible for you to solve simultaneously several challenges: genuine-time car tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, automobile operating time handle, monitoring the modes and circumstances of vehicle operation. Partial fueling (fuel fraud/theft) whereby only element of the fuel ends up in the intended fuel tank whilst the rest goes to other miscellaneous makes use of. Terminal of car tracking system receives dàta about changes of fuel level in the tank from fuel level sensor.

With our Detailed Reports and Fuel Statistics Evaluation Reports, our technique will calculate fuel consumed by a automobile per kilometer, as a result as a organization owner you can analyze weekly or monthly consumption of fuel per kilometer for every automobile and determine which autos are not fuel effective and take these autos for service or recognize if negative driving is present.