Standalone Car Fuel Management SystemBasic Volkswagen Discussion This discussion area is for any general discussions related specifically to Volkswagen. There are lots of alternatives for tuning an engine, but broadly speaking they can be broken down into re-flashing the factory ECU (engine handle unit or electronic handle unit), or fitting a standalone engine management system, and I will clarify what those terms mean now. Clamp marks on the frame rail (beneath the car or truck) would indicate that the car or truck has been on frame machines – which would suggest that it has been in a really serious accident. Usually, stand-alone engine-management systems provide higher-resolution fuel and ignition maps for tuning. Beive me its worth every penny when yo move over to a totally standalone (and I truly imply standlone as in a replacement unit by itself).

This approach guarantees that the auto will carry out devoid of hesitation or hiccups and can withstand far more spirited driving without concern for quick consequence. Standalone ECUs are obtainable from a wide range of companies and are developed with the potential to manage nearly any engine you can consider of. Some are developed as a plug-in replacement for the factory ECU and use all of the factory wiring and sensors, when other people need to be wired to your engine and may possibly call for further sensors. The standalone device is placed in the engine for overall control through driving.

An na tuned auto (i.e your stock automobile) will have ignition maps that are way to advanced for a boosted application causing detonation, which is detrimental to your engine. Standalone systems frequently provide the absolute finest handle more than tuning for an engine, but have the highest cost linked with them. If you happen to be supplying the similar amount of fuel and ignition timing then the power will be the very same – there’s no magic here. Maybe the greatest portion is the fuel consumption, as it is rated at 100km/5. litres, or 20km per litre of fuel.

You are going to get to make the most of your new parts for a reasonably low outlay, and you can be positive that the automobile is nevertheless going to do every thing it did when it was regular – start off nicely from cold, handle idle speed and present best driveability. The VIN is located in the engine bay, lower edge of front windscreen, or on the auto registration card.

A auto that has come from the factory already has optimal ignition timing maps and there for actually only needs a a/f controller or a piggy back that can compensate in a reasonably little window range. If you are considering basic bolt-on modifications such as an exhaust and air filter then your vehicle will nevertheless run but your tune may well no longer be appropriate. Contemporary engines may have a lot of complexities, but when we get down to bare bones it constantly comes back to fuel and ignition. Fuel consumption for the Cooper S is slightly higher at 100km/5.5 litres or 18.2km/litre.