Things to Consider When Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

Things to Consider When Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

If you’re similar to drivers who are required to change auto parts which may have failed, your first thought involves cost. This is true whether you will need a replacement alternator, catalytic converter, fuel pump, transmission, or any other major component. You want a high-quality replacement that will not make you stranded on the road soon. But you want to lower your expenses. The decision becomes whether to choose new auto parts over aftermarket components.

This may be the fork in the road that divides most motorists. Some people feel that only new parts are worth buying because they’re reliable and are available which has a warranty (I’ll clarify this time below). Others feel that rebuilt parts aren’t just reliable, but offer a great deal more value given their low cost.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of using aftermarket replacement components inside your vehicle. I’ll explain why the price is often – though, not always – a great barometer of quality. We’ll also check out the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured parts.

Our New Parts Better Than Aftermarket Parts?

Maybe, but not necessarily. A lot of people who avoid aftermarket replacements achieve this given that they fear the quality. They are understandably concerned that aftermarket parts are shoddily rebuilt. In reality, quality varies with the rebuilder.

It’s quite normal to identify a rebuilt alternator which offers a level of quality that is certainly every bit as good – lounge chair somewhere – when compared to an alternative one. Similarly, a rebuilt fuel pump or A/C compressor might also offer comparable quality. Rebuilders recognize that building reliable components that keep drivers on the road could be the best route to growing their businesses in the end. Of course, excellent comes at a price.

Price As A Gauge Of Quality

Rebuilding used components with the advancement of workmanship takes time. This usually means the rebuilds command a greater price. With the time and effort involved, there is not any way such components can be offered at discount prices.

When your mechanic or an auto parts store supplies a used alternator, catalytic converter, or fuel pump for a surprisingly affordable, be skeptical. There’s a fantastic chance the high quality of the part has been sacrificed. Only invest in rebuilds which have been described to OEM standards, and come having a warranty. Be willing to shell out a bit more to get such components. Their reliability will be worth the premium.

Difference Between Rebuilt And Remanufactured Parts

Rebuilt and remanufactured components are like one another. The distinction between them confuses many people due to the way by which rebuilders define their parts. For example, some rebuilders refer to their components as remanufactured parts simply because they believe doing so connotes higher value. Other rebuilders accomplish that since they dismantle the various components, clean them, and replace individual pieces that don’t meet their standards. This truly does suggest a higher value.

The takeaway is to focus less on the terms (rebuilt, remanufactured, etc.) and much more around the warranty along with the standing of the rebuilder.

A Longer Warranty Implies Value And Reliability

Nearly all rebuilt components come having a short-term warranty. Every rebuilder differs, so expect warranties to range from ninety days close to per year. Some outfits offer considerably longer warranties, this means their components tend to be reliable. You can occasionally find coverage that lasts 2 yrs or even more.

In cases when an alternative component seems to fail shortly after installation, the problem ofttimes involves the mechanic who installed it. Delicate parts may be easily damaged. For example, a rebuilt alternator could be installed into a customer’s vehicle and sustain damage if the mechanic jumpstarts a weak battery.

Ultimately, aftermarket auto parts represent a perfect solution if you’re on a limited budget. But do your due diligence. Moreover, be ready to pay for a bit more for quality providing the component comes having a generous warranty.