Supercharged Opposed Piston Engine With Variable Compression Ratio

Opposed Piston EngineIf you want to view your Favorite Channels from anywhere on the website, click on the My Favorites hyperlink at the best of the page. The exhaust port 46, situated close to the base of the cylinder, is normally closed by the elongated skirt of the piston 43 and opens by movement of the face of the piston therepast as the major crankshaft moves to bottom dead center and once again closes as the crankshaft moves previous bottom dead center. Other benefits of modularity contain optimized engine efficiency, lowered emissions, and an extended product line. FIGURE 18 is a sectional strategy view of a single cylinder, two cycle, opposed-piston engine related to the view shown at FIG.

The operation of this engine E-l with compressed air or steam requires an inlet port 45 in the wall of the cylinder 30 near the center of the cylinder, and an exhaust port 46 in the wall of the cylinder near the base of the cylinder adjacent to the crankcase of the key crankshaft P, as illustrated at FIG. Another object of the invention is to provide a novel and enhanced omnitorque opposed piston engine wherein the rotation of the crankshafts is phased so that 1 shaft leads the other in a manner which produces a senited States Patent 3,485,221 Patented Dec. The explanation had to do with the fixed nature of ports or valves in a cylinder with a single piston.

Since the Region of piston is met by comparatively similar location on engine head , we can presume that utilizing the similar quantity of energy (heat) that goes into the piston crank mechanism also goes into head as heat and then wasted. FIGURE 25 is a diagrammatic chart illustrating the comparative piston movements of the engine illustrated at FIG.

In a standard Piston+ head engine, the head of the engine a STATIC pressure port or (heat port) , the gases heat the head, and the head heats the cooling water, that takes the heat to the radiator exactly where it is disposed of into ambient air, in other words it ports out heat in its native form without carrying out and valuable work. One of the crankshafts, preferably the major crankshaft P, incorporates an extension stub 40 which is adapted to connect with a driveshaft or the like to drive the mechanisms to which the engine is connected. The Gasses DO Operate on the inner surfaces of the combustion chamber, Cylinder lining, HEAD of the engine and Piston crown.

Additional objects of the invention are to give a novel and enhanced omnitorque opposed piston engine which is uncomplicated in its simple type, may possibly be manufactured with conventional, readily offered elements with a minimum of specific machining operations, and is a low-cost, neat appearing, rugged and durable unit. The correct and only 80% thermally effective engine is the 1 talked about by Professor Fred Major in a documentary under.