Submarine Primary Propulsion Diesels

Opposed Piston EngineTwo stroke engines are favorites of everybody who desires a genuinely compact engine with lots of energy, there are fewer parts and energy delivery on each and every stroke. With two pistons in each and every cylinder and highly engineered 360 degree circumferential intake/exhaust ports, scavenging in the opoc engine is able to be optimized. The end outcome is a loss in thermal efficiency, compared to a standard engine. So it beats all other styles under when it comes to converting the piston thrust power to torque power.

Additional objects of the invention are to supply a novel and enhanced omnitorque opposed piston engine which is straightforward in its fundamental kind, may well be manufactured with conventional, readily offered elements with a minimum of special machining operations, and is a low-price, neat appearing, rugged and durable unit. The true and only 80% thermally effective engine is the a single talked about by Professor Fred Significant in a documentary below.

FIGURE 17 illustrates the position of the pistons for the duration of the compression cycle as when the secondary piston is at best dead center and the main piston is 90 degrees prior to best dead center. Comparing the heat transfer on a particular surface region to the mechanical transfer of power on a related surface of a piston crown is not feasible, because these are 2 completely distinct types of power transfer that use completely diverse formulae to calculate the transfer. FIGURE 24 is a sectional plan view of a single cylinder, four-cycle, opposed piston engine similar to the view shown at FIG.

Another object of the invention is to present in a novel and improved omnitorque opposed piston engine of the internal combustion engine type, means for varying the compression ratio throughout operation of the engine to greater and much more fully burn any form of fuel obtainable. FIGURE 5 is a diagrammatic chart illustrating the comparative piston movements of the engine as the cranks are rotated and with dimension lines indicating cyclic sequences for operation of the engine with compressed air or steam.

The movements of piston INCREASES THE VOLUME holding the gases, which will reduce stress, therefore heat. A one particular cylinder engine electrically turbo charged engine with a displacement of one liter IS making 900 Horse power, with very same quantity of fuel applied in equivalent size engine, it is at least 3 times more efficient, while a regular american engine of 5 liter 8 cylinders produces 350 horse powers.