Stand Alone Fuel Management Program

Standalone Car Fuel Management SystemTuning (also referred to as engine tuning or Dyno Tuning) is the process employed to alter the stock computer, and ultimately, how a automobile runs. Fuel consumption will differ depending on your automobiles fuel delivery system, general horsepower, and tuning time so be certain to fill your tank just before bringing the auto in for a tune. A stand alone ecu lets you construct, from scratch, totally new ignition timing maps and fuel maps and cam angle maps. To be in a position to have your auto tuned, you need to equip it with a compatible Engine Management System (EMS).

An na tuned car (i.e your stock vehicle) will have ignition maps that are way to sophisticated for a boosted application causing detonation, which is detrimental to your engine. Standalone systems frequently offer the absolute very best control more than tuning for an engine, but have the highest price associated with them. If you happen to be supplying the very same quantity of fuel and ignition timing then the power will be the exact same – there’s no magic here. Possibly the ideal element is the fuel consumption, as it is rated at 100km/5. litres, or 20km per litre of fuel.

I’m speaking about optimising the fuel delivery and ignition timing to suit your specific modifications – not bolt on hardware. Tires that are underinflated or damaged can cause critical damage to your automobile, our dyno, and to everyone standing near or about the auto. That is also why it is recomended that you get your car or truck dyno tuned so that it will run corectly or else you get a blown motor.

Given that a standalone ECU is not restricted by the stock ECU, wiring or sensors, it really is also easy to add more sensors. Reflashing is a discreet modification that does not demand any cut wires, so you can always return your car or truck to stock if you need. If you have a n/a auto and you are organizing on boosting it, there really is only one affordable option.

If you are finding serious and thinking about cams, an upgraded fuel method, larger turbo (or turbocharging/supercharging an N/A engine), then the stock ECU will absolutely not cope. When obtaining a fairly in depth notion (a lot more then the know-how base that this report supplied) of how your ecu builds maps and how a piggy back and standalone ecu operate the answer really should grow to be quite obvious. If your car or truck is not supported by a Plug-In ECU then you can match a standalone ECU. Yes, even if you are fitting a Plug-In ECU that comes with a base map, it is important to get your automobile tuned.