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Paint Manufacturing ProcessMazda Motor Corporation recently announced the prosperous launch of the newly created Aqua-tech Paint Technique for car body painting at its Ujina Plant No.1, in Japan. A paint procedure handle coordinator is connected to the information acquisition module for storing the acquired paint characteristic data in the paint approach handle information structure. For instance, a approach step inside a automobile assembly plant may well include the method step of when the paint is in storage or when the paint is in the mixing area, or the particular sprayed paint coating that has been applied to a car. Also, the present invention supports manual entry of data as nicely as electronic retrieving the information necessary by the present invention straight from databases.

In this capacity, high quality backward” operates as a feedback loop to fine tune the approach. The data from the PROSIM device 246 is applied by the approach control coordinator 162 in order to perform batch handle. The key output solution described by the paint manufacturing information structure 152 are the manufactured paint supplies that are created from the resins and the external raw supplies. Not only does this create a historical baseline snapshot 285, but it also enables the quantity of transform at distinct times in the complete paint manufacturing program to be analyzed. It should be understood that the present invention is not restricted to these procedure steps.

Moreover, a weekly report module 284 of the approach manage coordinator 162 supplies for an automated capability to send the data from the a variety of elements of the present invention to the information location remote websites. Also, paint simulation computer system program 248 updates issue-response models database 144 based upon actual paint spraying technique overall performance information as offered by PROSIM device 246. Batch control 102 contains analyzing the data acquired from blocks 88 and 98 to figure out whether paint material 90 is within predefined tolerances. BMW Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art paint shop covers 2 halls: Paint Shop North and Paint Shop South.

The customer remote sites 168 are connected to an Extranet network 175 to superior assure proper safety exists in accessing the data from the computerized virtual paint manufacturing and application system 120. At course of action block 460, the consumer is in a position to access the technical database in order to verify on the status of any open PR&Rs (i.e. Difficulty Resolution and Reporting).

The details as structured by information structures 148, 152, and 156 are in a position to be retrieved and analyzed by the data recipients 128, such as at a paint manufacturer remote websites 164 and at customer remote sites 168. The principal input supplies described by the resin manufacturing information structure 148 is the chemical compounds that are used to make the resins.