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Paint Manufacturing ProcessAs a LinkedIn member, you will join 400 million other pros who are sharing connections, suggestions, and opportunities. These identified crucial parameters are inserted into the course of action manage information structures (such as the paint manufacturing information structure and the car assembly data structure). Operations within automotive painting contain several devices and approach controllers that chiefly function independently to obtain their individual objectives.

Information structures 148, 152 and 156 and computer systems 160 are collectively termed the approach handle coordinator 162. Solvent & Aqueous coating Lamination Using an exclusive method, this procedure answers a increasing want in agriculture and automotive equipment manufacturing. The paint components and their properties are described within the supplies module of the paint application information structure 156.

In accordance with the teachings of the present invention, a pc-implemented apparatus and system are offered for coordinating paint-connected process steps of at least 1 paint-connected facility. Technical database 172, in its preferred embodiment, contains such facts as paint item portfolio information 270, ecology facts 272, communication data 274, and excellent data 276 (such as first run capability). The ultimate goal of the general procedure is to apply manufactured paint onto a automobile 50 inside predefined tolerances. At procedure block 440, a customer detects a problem occurring in a consumer assembly plant.

Excellent backward data structure 374 interrelates with relevant approach methods 364 such quality backward-associated information as usually 3 categories of good quality backward information. Quality forward data structure 373 is preferably not interrelated with the method methods since usually the good quality forward-related information is acquired prior to a course of action for a item begins (such as, at the beginning of the paint manufacturing process). Painting responses relate to such painting qualities as those that may be obtained from the paint analyzer device 246.

The preferred embodiment for networks 169 utilizes an Intranet network 173 to perform data communication in between components inside the computerized virtual paint manufacturing and application method 120 and inside the information sources 124. A paint analyzer device for producing sprayed paint characteristic information based upon analyzing said sprayed paint qualities, said paint course of action manage information structure storing mentioned sprayed paint characteristic information.