PPG Asian Paints

Paint Manufacturing ProcessPaint consists of binders, pigments and fillers, solvents or water, and of so-referred to as additives. A plurality of data displays connected to mentioned paint procedure manage information structure for remotely getting and viewing said interrelated paint procedure handle information. In order to get item information sheets, a consumer invokes method block 404 by preferably clicking on an icon on the screen of the data location remote site for a certain paint-related product.

Painting equipment data structure 368 interrelates with relevant course of action methods 364 such painting gear connected data as equipment variety, accessories, and gear configuration. The paint simulation computer system system 248 performs design and style of experiments calculations based upon the data from the paint analyzer device 246 in order to determine which parameters and variables are key in the paint manufacturing and automobile assembly factory.

Subsequently, procedure block 456 initiates a resolution procedure and updates the technical database with the manner in which the concern was addressed and solved. The resin manufacturing information structure 148 relates to the data obtained from resin material manage procedure block 74 and resin manufacturing process control block 78 (of FIG. A data show connected to stated paint course of action control data structure for remotely getting and viewing mentioned interrelated paint method handle information.

Lastly, an agreement data structure 384 is provided so as to interrelate contractual information, such as contract identification number and parties and obligations relevant to an agreement with relevant process actions 364. If corrective actions are nevertheless in location and nonetheless getting employed within the factory environment as determined by choice block 468, then course of action block 452 is executed. For example, the paint application data structure preferably includes only categories two and three for the top quality backward related information considering that generally in-method batch manage is not performed inside the paint application process.

A paint process handle information structure is offered for interrelating the acquired paint characteristic data with at least two of the paint-associated procedure measures to create interrelated paint procedure handle information. Additionally, procedure manage coordinator 162 delivers difficulty resolution and reporting facts to the data destinations based upon the info captured by the computerized concern and analysis request forms 280.