Paint And Coating Manufacture

Paint Manufacturing ProcessPaint is a term applied to describe a quantity of substances that consist of a pigment suspended in a liquid or paste car such as oil or water. The information acquired by blocks 74, 78, 88 and 98 all reside inside the computerized virtual paint manufacturing and application program 120 which structures the information so that an general program viewpoint can be obtained as nicely as by offering an atmosphere for entities to remotely view the data captured by the present invention. Process handle coordinator 162 creates and maintains the procedure manage information structure template 353 during the data acquisition steps from each and every information supply.

The information as structured by data structures 148, 152, and 156 are able to be retrieved and analyzed by the information recipients 128, such as at a paint manufacturer remote websites 164 and at consumer remote websites 168. The key input supplies described by the resin manufacturing information structure 148 is the chemicals that are used to create the resins.

If choice block 448 has determined that the problem has previously occurred, then the customer at process block 464 identifies the stored corrective actions taken with respect to that similar problem. The primary input supplies described by the paint application data structure 156 are the paint materials that are the merchandise of the paint manufacturing information structure 152. Process manage data structure template 353 interrelates paint-related data with one particular or far more relevant method steps of the paint spraying method.

Paint simulation laptop plan 248 employs design and style of experiment methods, as well as cooptimization methods in order to decide the values for the painting responses based upon preferred painting tolerances to be accomplished. Paint simulation computer system 248 along with the aspect-response models database 144 gives the potential to monitor and manage variable parameters by means of technical database 172.

The customer remote websites 168 are connected to an Extranet network 175 to much better assure proper safety exists in accessing the information from the computerized virtual paint manufacturing and application technique 120. At process block 460, the buyer is able to access the technical database in order to verify on the status of any open PR&Rs (i.e. Dilemma Resolution and Reporting).