Hybrid Opposed Piston Engine

Opposed Piston EngineFinal week, news of Microsoft founder Bill Gates investing in a start-up business known as EcoMotors surfaced. Some variations of the opposed piston or OP styles use a single crankshaft , such as the Gobron Brillié, Doxford ship engines 2 and the Commer OP truck engines. 1 outcome of this opposed cylinder (oc) architecture is quite low bearing loads, which leads to less friction when compared to standard engines that do not run in such a balanced style. The exhaust cycle continues for around 180 degrees till the pistons move with each other to their closest point, approximately 45 degrees previous best dead center of the secondary piston. The supercharger forces further gas into the cylinder until the inlet slots are closed by the piston.

So, when an opposed piston engine is made with the same piston speed as a standard engine of the very same specified energy a incredibly good point happens – the size of the engine can get dramatically smaller (as measured by the needed volume displacement of the engine). FIGURE ten is a plan view of a single cylinder opposed piston engine similar to the displaying at FIG. Another object of the invention is to supply a novel and enhanced opposed piston engine which may possibly also advantageously combine cylinder wall ports and valves in powerful and effective arrangements for the operation of the engine.

This layout provides superior scavenging, as gas flow via the cylinder is axial rather than radial, and simplifies design of the piston crowns. On the other hand, when the furthestapart position of the pistons is around 45 degrees past bottom dead center of the secondary piston and 45 degrees prior to bottom dead center of the main piston, it is to be noted that the distance in between the pistons does not significantly reduce till the major piston is at bottom dead center, indicated BDC. FIGURES six via 9 are smaller-scale diagrammatic sketches of the engine shown at FIGS.

One more object of the invention is to offer a novel and impoved opposed piston engine obtaining the rotation of its crakshafts uniquely phased to supply, in the reciprocable movement of the piston, a shifting of the gas charge amongst the pistons across the cylinders in a manner which permits the engine to be totally operative without having valves and camming mechanisms by the mere expedient of providing ports at selected areas in the cylinder walls.

The movements of piston INCREASES THE VOLUME holding the gases, which will reduce pressure, as a result heat. A 1 cylinder engine electrically turbo charged engine with a displacement of one particular liter IS generating 900 Horse energy, with identical quantity of fuel applied in similar size engine, it is at least three times much more effective, while a standard american engine of five liter eight cylinders produces 350 horse powers.