Fuel Monitoring System

Car Fuel Tracking SystemGPS Fuel Monitoring Tracker offers user transform to monitor exactly where, when and how considerably fuel was filled into the tank. This is exactly where TrailMyCar Fuel Monitoring System comes in, Just by going to our workplace it takes two hours for our group of engineers to install the fuel monitoring device on any of your vehicle, immediately after installation all you will need is a mobile phone or a laptop and by login in to our on the internet automobile tracking and fuel monitoring program, your can monitor real time fuel consumption of all your autos from anyplace as extended you have access to the world wide web.

With our Detailed Reports and Fuel Statistics Analysis Reports, our method will calculate fuel consumed by a car per kilometer, as a result as a business owner you can analyze weekly or monthly consumption of fuel per kilometer for every single car and determine which vehicles are not fuel efficient and take these autos for service or identify if negative driving is present.

Track Your Cars and Communicate with the Car Tracking Technologies and Vehicle Tracking Device by Sending and Getting SMS on Your Telephone. Facts on raising or lowering the level of fuel comes from fuel level sensor, and autos tracking technique with the support of GPS determines the place and time. Additional charges arising from siphoning out the fuel tank or „detours”, individual usage can very easily be detected with the help of our tracking system. Fuel variations can not only be monitored on graphs, but you can also analyse fuel expenses relevant to specific road sections one by a single.

We at ORMAT think that fleet managers need to be in a position to concentrate on strategic elements of fleet management leaving mundane but important tasks of monitoring the cars to the FleetOR. In this case the automobile tracking program may possibly ascertain the engine by connecting to the sensor of engine speed On the other hand, it is much easier to use a fuel flow meter DFÌ.

Track Fleets of Industrial and Organization Autos: Taxis, Passenger Vehicles, Car or truck Hire Autos, College Buses and Cargo Transportation Lorries from Anywhere inside Kenya. With fuel monitoring you can detect violations of technology, such as reduction of burying of plow on a tractor or decreasing of duration of heating burners. Encounter shows that 5-10% of the fuel in total amount is stolen by shameless thieves.