Fuel Data Management System

Car Fuel Tracking SystemTracking genie is an revolutionary Nailing vehicle tracking systems in india developed by KS Technosoft Pvt. Track Fleets of Industrial and Company Automobiles: Taxis, Passenger Automobiles, Car Employ Automobiles, School Buses and Cargo Transportation Lorries from Anyplace within Kenya. With fuel monitoring you can detect violations of technology, such as reduction of burying of plow on a tractor or decreasing of duration of heating burners. Expertise shows that 5-ten% of the fuel in total amount is stolen by shameless thieves.

With fuel monitoring graph, management teams can easily view the fuel consumption when, exactly where and why, so as to detect violations of technology, such as decreasing of duration of heating burners. Fuel/Speed monitoring, Halt monitoring, reside tracking and present place can be received by owner in kind of alerts and reports. This function is not straight related to fuel monitoring, but ties the fuel info to the load of machine. Fuel enough to cover a distance of 1000 kilometres disappears every single month from the tank of a single truck.

Compatibility specifications: terminal of automobile tracking technique really should have 1 or two analog inputs or RS-232 interface or RS-485 interface or CAN interface. As a result, user receives separate information about fuel consumption of an empty and loaded car or truck. In this way, you can pick fuel bills which do not correspond with your actual fuel reports. We have taken services of the other solution providers in karnataka in fuel monitoring and GPS tracking, but the solution from ORMAT is exceptional. Extremely great product, tracks fuel refill, consumed, theft , real time place of car along with speed. User of automobile tracking technique knows about the unauthorized fuel draining nearly right away.

Application of the methods of fuel monitoring makes it possible for fuel monitoring systems to get the facts remotely and in relation to the coordinates and time. Our intelligent fuel handle method monitors unexpected, uncommon variations in fuel levels, and most relevant information (location, time, transform, existing fuel level in the tank) are integrated in printable reports.

SekurTrack also receives facts about fuel consumption due to the quantity of hours the engine is operating, simply because only a operating engine consumes fuel. We are acquiring precise mileages of our trucks and fuel theft situations are entirely stopped. Track Your Vehicle with Our Automobile Tracker Device and Auto Tracking Computer software from Your Mobile Telephone, iPad or On-line from Your Office Computer system.