Automobile Tracking System In India

Car Fuel Tracking SystemTracking genie is an innovative Spanking vehicle tracking India developed by KS Technosoft Pvt. Fuel tracking supplies exact details about reel fuel consumption and prevents fuel draining, fuel fraud and fuel over consumption. Understanding the fuel consumption at idle, typical and maximum fuel consumption, automobile tracking program can accurately calculate the time of the engine in a distinct mode. Printable fuel reports can simply be compared with the bills received soon after each and every refuel, mainly because they contain all the relevant information (date, place, amount, kilometres travelled). Moreover, the magnitude of fuel consumption can also be judged on the regime of load on the engine.

Track Your Car with Our Car Tracker device and Car Tracking Application from Your Mobile Telephone, iPad or On-line from Your Workplace Computer system. The volume of fueling is determined making use of the calibration table that is either in a terminal of car tracking system, either in the software of automobile tracking technique. Obtainable in four key categories this device covers all significant sections of vehicle tracking.

With fuel monitoring you can detect violations, such as reduction of burying of plow on a tractor or decreasing of duration of heating burners. Our Fuel Monitoring & Automobile tracking answer is a single of the best Telematics options in India and our present channel partners include things like an European auto giant manufacturing trucks in India. A reputable Fuel Management System must be able to furnish the user with all the required information that will enable him/her be in control and limit such incidences.

Data on raising or lowering the level of fuel comes from fuel level sensor (car’s personal fuel sensor or extra fuel level sensor), and GPS tracking system determines the location and time. Flow meter also receives facts about fuel consumption, and the time of the engine, mainly because only running engine consumes fuel. For that reason, the Fuel Pro resolution package contains sensible logistics management, fuel management, automobile recovery, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and quite a few more. The method of vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring is being consistently improved to boost reliability and efficiency.

Fueling manage offers the user of SekurTrack vehicles tracking system to monitor exactly where, when and how much fuel was filled into the tank it avoids the manipulation of fuel and, consequently, reduces the operating charges of transportation. Understanding the fuel consumption at idle, average and maximum fuel consumption, SekurTrack can accurately calculate the time of the engine in a particular mode. The volume of fueling is determined utilizing the calibration table that is either in a terminal of automobile tracking system, either in the computer software of vehicles tracking technique.