5 Advantages Of Integrating Fuel Data With Fleet Management Application

Car Fuel Tracking SystemThe work and the rewards of GPS-monitoring systems, automobiles written quite a lot. Fuel Pro is a genuine time, GPS/GPRS fuel monitoring and management solution for customers who want to control, monitor and handle the fuel usage and stock whilst at the identical time delight in common Fleet Management characteristics that decrease upkeep costs and present compliance with government regulations. Employs revolutionary mechanical design and style to simple-fit any fuel tank devoid of welding and other hurdles.

Fueling manage gives user of GPS cars tracking method to monitor where, when and how considerably fuel was filled into the tank it avoids the manipulation of fuel and, consequently, reduces the operating charges of transport. Quality service and enhanced automobile utilization are the two definite outcomes of working with Tracking Genie Device. Method is capable to control axle load, engine temperature, oil pressure, differential locking and dozens of other automobile operating parameters.

Our fuel control technique will present you not only with percentages, but will also show exactly in litres the quantity of fuel taken in the tank and the quantity of fuel taken out of the tank. Monitor Fuel Consumption of Your Enterprise Vehicles in Actual Time from Your Pc Using Our Fuel Monitoring Software and Get Car Fuel Consumption Reports.

With fuel monitoring graph, management teams can quickly view the fuel consumption when, exactly where and why, so as to detect violations of technologies, such as decreasing of duration of heating burners. Fuel/Speed monitoring, Halt monitoring, live tracking and existing place can be received by owner in form of alerts and reports. This function is not straight associated to fuel monitoring, but ties the fuel information to the load of machine. Fuel adequate to cover a distance of 1000 kilometres disappears every single month from the tank of a single truck.

SekurTrack also receives details about fuel consumption due to the quantity of hours the engine is running, simply because only a running engine consumes fuel. We are obtaining accurate mileages of our trucks and fuel theft instances are entirely stopped. Track Your Automobile with Our Car Tracker Device and Automobile Tracking Application from Your Mobile Telephone, iPad or On-line from Your Office Computer.