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Standalone Car Fuel Management SystemOctane provide a variety of rugged, higher-good quality fuel management systems that may well be stand-alone units connected to current fuel dispensers, or for a cost-effective solution, they may be integrated with the dispenser. It makes use of sensors to inform it how considerably air is entering the engine and from there it decides how significantly fuel to inject and what ignition timing the engine wants. A standalone ECU nicely integrates all the advanced motorsport characteristics you could hope for, along with live true-time tuning and advanced information analysis, and this can be invaluable on the track. In general we recommend our buyers keep away from any fuel additives or octane boosters.

If you are finding serious and taking into consideration cams, an upgraded fuel program, larger turbo (or turbocharging/supercharging an N/A engine), then the stock ECU will undoubtedly not cope. After having a pretty in depth thought (additional then the information base that this article supplied) of how your ecu builds maps and how a piggy back and standalone ecu perform the answer must become really clear. If your vehicle is not supported by a Plug-In ECU then you can fit a standalone ECU. Yes, even if you are fitting a Plug-In ECU that comes with a base map, it is significant to get your car tuned.

A user connects the standalone device to their pc through either an universal serial bus (USB) or through wireless capabilities. This is the main distinction among a piggy back and standalone and also the most crucial so I believe I will leave it at that. The more sophisticated ECUs give the tuner more flexibility when tuning your engine and the outcome will be an engine that performs superior, is smoother to drive and makes use of significantly less fuel. A standalone ecu …

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