Fuel Shield

Standalone Car Fuel Management SystemFor complete race or track-only automobiles, an aftermarket engine management program provides enormous advantages more than a stock ECU program. Fuel consumption will vary depending on your vehicles fuel delivery system, overall horsepower, and tuning time so be positive to fill your tank just before bringing the auto in for a tune. A stand alone ecu lets you construct, from scratch, absolutely new ignition timing maps and fuel maps and cam angle maps. To be in a position to have your car tuned, you will need to equip it with a compatible Engine Management Method (EMS).

A car that has come from the factory already has optimal ignition timing maps and there for truly only needs a a/f controller or a piggy back that can compensate in a relatively modest window variety. If you are thinking about fundamental bolt-on modifications such as an exhaust and air filter then your vehicle will nevertheless run but your tune may well no longer be correct. Modern engines may have a lot of complexities, but when we get down to bare bones it often comes back to fuel and ignition. Fuel consumption for the Cooper S is slightly larger at 100km/5.five litres or 18.2km/litre.

Due to the fact a standalone ECU isn’t restricted by the stock ECU, wiring or sensors, it is also easy to add extra sensors. Reflashing is a discreet modification that doesn’t need any cut wires, so you can usually return your car or truck to stock if you want. If you have a n/a automobile and you are organizing on boosting it, there really is only one affordable decision.

What occurs when yo uhave the car very modified from its stock form is that the stock base map will no longer be of any very good use to the new …

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