China Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Technique Report, 2015

Electronic Fuel Injection SystemAbstract: A number of heavy-duty diesel engine suppliers have created their own electronic fuel injection systems. This technique was employed on the hot bulb engine and was adapted and improved by Bosch and Clessie Cummins for use on diesel engines ( Rudolf Diesel ‘s original method employed a cumbersome ‘air-blast’ technique making use of highly compressed air citation required ). Fuel injection was in widespread industrial use in diesel engines by the mid-1920s. The fuel injector injects liquid fuel into the intake air (the location of the fuel injector varies between systems).

The open loop fuel injection systems had currently enhanced cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution and engine operation more than a wide temperature range, but did not present further scope to enough control fuel/air mixtures, in order to additional decrease exhaust emissions. Single-point injection (SPI) makes use of a single injector at the throttle physique (the same place as was employed by carburetors).

The procedure of determining the necessary amount of fuel, and its delivery into the engine, are recognized as fuel metering. In addition, fuel injection conversion require to transform manage system tactic, hence the require for higher costs. The first automotive direct injection system applied to run on gasoline was developed by Bosch , and was introduced by Goliath for their Goliath GP700 automobile, and Gutbrod in 1952.

This was basically a higher-pressure diesel direct-injection pump with an intake throttle valve. Swirl injectors are utilized in liquid rocket, gas turbine, and diesel engines to strengthen atomization and mixing ef´Čüciency. The first subgroup covers Multi Port Fuel Injection and the following parts: throttle physique, throttle position sensor, basic idle speed, fuel pressure, fuel pump, engine manage relay, fuel pump relay, intake air temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, injector, engine ecu, throttle physique assy.

The second group covers fuel line supply from …

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