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Efi Fuel Management SystemAlat Peraga ini dapat menunjukkan struktur dan prinsip kerja sistem kontrol elektronik pada mesin mobil, sehingga dapat membantu siswa dalam memahami masalah sistem kontrol elektronik pada mobil. Fuel gets pumped up from the tank by means of a fuel pump out to a fuel injection rail, then into person injectors which are inserted directly into the intake manifold. Genuinely astonishing for a setup that reflashes the stock computer system, files are uploaded in mere seconds and optional two- and three-bar MAP sensors for forced-induction applications suggests massive increase can be had with no aftermarket EFI.

The $450 package involves straightforward-to-use Windows-based application and interface cable, and enables complete manage over fuel and spark maps. It’s dependent on a quantity of elements such as the density of the air, how a lot air and fuel are becoming ingested, engine load, and the air/fuel ratio. Ben is a expert EFI technique builder and tuner with a passion for sharing his know-how with other people.

The patented Direct Fire ignition program characteristics a separate coil pack for each and every pair of companion cylinders, which according to Electromotive, provides a lot more energy and ten occasions a lot more spark duration than competing capacitive-discharge systems. A couple of drawbacks to a mass flow method include its value and overall design, which can restrict airflow in higher-horsepower engines.

The system bundles with each other an intake manifold, fuel rails, injectors, fuel-pressure regulator, a higher-stress fuel pump, a carb-style throttle-body, a wiring harness, an ECU, and all needed sensors. The TwEECer plugs into the service port on EEC-IV and EEC-V Ford ECUs and makes it possible for full alteration of fuel and ignition curves with a laptop personal computer.

An engine&#8217s fuel injection technique should handle three things: how substantially air an engine has, how …

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