Loud Pipes Save Lives!

Efi Fuel Management SystemIn the planet of overall performance engine management, there are a quantity of choices from which the end user can decide on. The system bundles collectively an intake manifold, fuel rails, injectors, fuel-pressure regulator, a high-pressure fuel pump, a carb-style throttle-body, a wiring harness, an ECU, and all essential sensors. The TwEECer plugs into the service port on EEC-IV and EEC-V Ford ECUs and makes it possible for full alteration of fuel and ignition curves with a laptop computer.

Regardless of its higher initial expense of entry and reputation for fussiness, after EFI is set up correctly, no Dominator or Q-jet can come close to the driveability, reliability, lack of maintenance, and consistent overall performance EFI delivers. Adhere to Mr President, El Humilde & a number of other higher profile Microtech EFI racers & tuners as they go in search of World Records, PB’s & race wins to finish off the 2015 import season on a higher. What can be completed with fuel injection to give your car or truck a lot more power is considerably much more interesting.

The end-user typically supplies the remaining fuel method elements, and much less popular applications may well demand custom hardwiring of a generic wiring harness. In addition to rising the computer’s memory capacity, the PMS makes it possible for full alteration of fuel and spark maps, bumping the rev limiter up to 9,900 rpm, separate nitrous and enhance adjustment tables, true-time engine monitoring, two-step rev limiters, three-bar MAP sensors, and cooling-fan control. To compensate for this, a speed density program makes use of an oxygen sensor to measure the air/fuel ratio.

The $450 package incorporates uncomplicated-to-use Windows-based application and interface cable, and enables full control over fuel and spark maps. It is dependent on a number of components such as the density …

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