Fuel Monitoring And Protection Method For Malaysian Fleets

Car Fuel Tracking SystemMost of us need to have observed commercials on GPS car tracking and have some knowledge about how the program functions. Application of the methods of fuel monitoring enables fuel monitoring systems to receive the data remotely and in relation to the coordinates and time. Our intelligent fuel manage program monitors unexpected, unusual variations in fuel levels, and most relevant information (place, time, alter, current fuel level in the tank) are integrated in printable reports.

With our Detailed Reports and Fuel Statistics Analysis Reports, our technique will calculate fuel consumed by a vehicle per kilometer, as a result as a enterprise owner you can analyze weekly or monthly consumption of fuel per kilometer for every single car and recognize which automobiles are not fuel efficient and take these autos for service or identify if negative driving is present.

Application of the methods of fuel monitoring permits SekurTrack to drastically improve the functionality, giving the user with facts not only about the place and speed of the automobile, but to answer a wide variety of concerns relating to fuel monitoring: Fuel tank fueling control. In addition to fuel handle, our system can give you with additional information received from analogue sensors, such as temperature monitoring for refrigerator trucks, load on axle for trucks, stress monitoring for truck tank autos.

System is developed in collaboration with the key Belarussian truck producers and is incorporated in serial design documentation of trucks MAZ and loaders Amkodor. Is a total answer that permits you to solve simultaneously several difficulties: real-time automobile tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, vehicle operating time control, monitoring the modes and situations of vehicle operation. Partial fueling (fuel fraud/theft) whereby only component of the fuel ends up in the intended fuel tank whilst the rest goes to other miscellaneous makes use of. Terminal …

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