Fuel Level Monitoring

Car Fuel Tracking SystemTake a look at Our Offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret and Have Your Car Fitted with Our GPS Car Tracking Technique within 2 Hours. This can be performed employing a Worldwide Positioning Program (GPS) which incorporates fuel monitoring. SekurTrack terminal receives data about alterations of fuel level in the tank from the fuel level sensor. With its state of the art tracking functions, realizing the whereabouts of your automobiles becomes handy and economical at once. Knowing the facts about the present fuel consumption, the driver can select the most economical way of operating. Our fuel handle system reads the information straight from the capacitive fuel level sensor installed in your automobile(s).

Data on raising or lowering the level of fuel comes from fuel level sensor (car’s own fuel sensor or added fuel level sensor), and GPS tracking method determines the place and time. Flow meter also receives info about fuel consumption, and the time of the engine, mainly because only operating engine consumes fuel. For that reason, the Fuel Pro resolution package contains clever logistics management, fuel management, vehicle recovery, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and several additional. The program of car tracking and fuel monitoring is becoming continuously enhanced to boost reliability and overall performance.

Fueling control gives the user of SekurTrack cars tracking technique to monitor exactly where, when and how much fuel was filled into the tank it avoids the manipulation of fuel and, consequently, reduces the operating charges of transportation. Figuring out the fuel consumption at idle, typical and maximum fuel consumption, SekurTrack can accurately calculate the time of the engine in a specific mode. The volume of fueling is determined working with the calibration table that is either in a terminal of automobile tracking system, either in the software program of automobiles tracking technique.…

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