Who Created Car Assembly LineIn the assembly process, a conveyor moves at a specific speed and components are assembled on the moving assembly line. Henry Ford Creates the Initial Assembly Line : A web page that discusses Henry Ford’s implementation of the assembly line, and how it revolutionized his sector and all others. Alternatively of workers going to the automobile, the automobile came to the worker who performed the identical activity of assembly more than and more than again. As new assembly line procedures are introduced into manufacturing processes, organization managers look at the methods for possible application to other locations of company.

With the introduction and perfection of the approach, Ford was capable to lower the assembly time of a Model T from twelve and a half hours to much less than six hours. But at finest, I did not like it. It was then that the idea occurred to me that assembly would be simpler, simpler, and more rapidly if we moved the chassis along, starting at 1 finish of the plant with a frame and adding the axles and the wheels then moving it past the stockroom, as an alternative of moving the stockroom to the chassis.

Actually it took four years and more to develop Model T. Prior models were the guinea pigs, 1 might say, for experimentation and development of a car or truck which would understand Henry Ford’s dream of a auto which anybody could afford to buy, which everyone could drive anyplace, and which almost everyone could maintain in repair. Possessing the solution come to the worker and assigning the worker to perform the similar task on each car created production considerably much more effective and brought the price of making the vehicles down, as well.

Ahead of the Industrial Revolution , most manufactured products were produced …

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